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Sewer & Drain

A clogged drain in your home or business can be a mess. Grease, soap scum, food waste and hair are the usual culprits that cause a drain to clog. Clogged drains are an inevitable result of home and business ownership as clogs form over time when debris silently accumulates in pipes and drain lines.

While clogged drains can emit a foul odor, they are no match for our expert technicians at Premier Plumbing Inc. Our licensed plumbers will have your drain cleaned and flowing effortlessly in no time. We handle even the toughest drain clogs efficiently and cost effectively.

Our sewer and drain services include:

  • Clogged drain clearing to remove built-up debris from pipes and drain trap
  • Maintenance of drains to assure they do not get clogged on regular basis
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Electronic Video Inspection
  • Drain repair in the event that the sewer is broken, shifted, or intruded by foreign objects in which cannot be removed with drain cleaning

Drain Clearing

Drain clearing is a service in which our licensed technicians use a motor driven cable machine to clear paper stoppages, chop away roots, and penetrate other obstructions.

Our technicians are trustworthy, courteous and professional. They utilize state of the art equipment and combine the right equipment with the right skills to get the job done right the first time. Our plumbers offer high quality service at affordable rates and are fully licensed and insured for your protection.



Some drain clogs and recurring drain problems require something more than cable clearing. A Premier Plumbing Inc skilled drain technician might recommend hydro-jetting for tough or ongoing clogging issues.

Hydro-jetting is a technique of cleaning grease and other debris from your sewer line using high pressure water directed into your residential or commercial plumbing. Using just the right amount of water pressure, our highly trained drain specialist will use hydro-jetting to dissolve blockages, emulsify soaps and grease and cut through roots, all while spray-washing your sewer and drain pipes clean.

The skilled plumbers at Premier Plumbing Inc make use of the cleansing capabilities of hydro-jetting in your sewer lines for a cost-effective way to unclog and clean your sewer pipes with no damage caused. With decades of plumbing experience, our professional plumbers are adept at using these high pressure drain and sewer line cleaning processes to keep your residential or commercial plumbing lines running smoothly.

 To view an example video of our hydrojetter clearing grease click here.

Electronic Video Inspection

Modern technology has provided plumbers with some very sophisticated equipment for examining drain lines making it easier than ever to unclog and locate exactly where your problem is. Our drain specialists use video camera inspections to visually inspect exactly where a repair needs to be made.


A video camera inspection eliminates the chore of digging up outside sewer lines to locate a clog, crack, or break in your sewer line. This technological advancement cuts down on expenses and time necessary to get your home or office back up to speed. A video inspection entails one of our experienced plumbers running a waterproof, flexible line camera into your clogged sewer line to pinpoint the exact location of the clog or damaged area.

We know how valuable your property is to you. Why trust your most important investment to anyone but the best? All of our plumbers are licensed and experienced so you can rest assured that when you need plumbing services, we’ll do it right the first time!

Drain Repair

Repair or replacement of a sewer line or even a section of a sewer line sometimes is the only solution to a clogged drain line. Many drain line problems are a result of cracked, broken or collapsing pipe. Some causes of this occur from the shifting of soil, grease buildup, corrosion, leaky joints or root infiltration. A thorough camera inspection of your drain line by a specialized Premier Plumbing Inc technician will quickly identify any repair or replacement required for your drains to function properly.


Drain line repair, replacement and installation are some of those residential and commercial plumbing solutions that should only be performed by licensed plumbers. Even a simple error in the handling of a drain line may result in backed up sewage, leaks, and/or clogs.

As Central California plumbers with decades of experience in the plumbing business, our plumbing professionals have a reputation as quality, efficient and cost effective drain line repair and replacement experts.

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