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Leak Detection / Water Lines

Leak Detection

  If you suspect a plumbing leak, it is very important to quickly and accurately pinpoint the source so you can make the needed repairs and prevent further damage to your property.

 Our licensed plumbers utilize state of the art electronic leak detection equipment. We combine the right equipment with the necessary skills to quickly and accurately pinpoint the source of water line leaks without breaking through your floors. Our accurate and non- destructive electronic leak detection process is a more efficient, more accurate and more cost effective way to identifying the source of leaks. Once the source of a leak has been identified, our skilled and licensed plumbers can fix the problem and prevent further damage to your home or commercial building.



When fixing the broken or leaking line under the slab isn’t an option, our qualified and skilled technicians can re-route and re-plumb your leaking water lines over head using the latest in technology of water piping with plastic pipe.

With decades of experience, Premier Plumbing Inc is more than capable of running new water lines and getting you running water fast, affordable, and with minimal damage to your property.


Water line Repair

 A water line brings fresh water to your home or business, whether for your sinks, garbage disposal, showers, bathtub, ice maker or toilets- in essence, everything that utilizes water in your home or office. When your water line  needs repair or replacement, you want a dependable plumber to handle your water line problem. You can trust Premier Plumbing Inc to repair, replace, or install your water line efficiently and cost effectively.


Line Location

Using advanced technology, Premier Plumbing Inc can locate, trace, and mark any metal water line you could imagine. Our state of the art line location equipment emits an electronic frequency which is carried through-out the metal pipe. At that point, the hand held receiver senses the wavelengths and emanates a tone in which our skilled technicians will determine exactly where the line is and mark it for you accordingly.

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